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Korean Festival Foundation

The purpose of holding a Korean Festival in the United States is diverse, encompassing cultural preservation and sharing, maintaining identity, strengthening community bonds, and achieving economic benefits.

Cultural Preservation and Sharing: The Korean Festival provides a great opportunity to preserve and share traditional Korean culture and values with the local American community. Koreans aim to proudly introduce the beautiful Korean culture to the world.

Identity Maintenance: Overseas residents strive to maintain and strengthen their cultural identity by organizing and participating in cultural events and festivals. The Korean Festival offers Koreans in the United States a place to celebrate and enjoy Korean culture.

Community Strengthening: The Korean Festival not only benefits Koreans but also provides an opportunity for people from diverse cultural backgrounds to enhance cultural exchange and understanding. Through this, communities can grow richer and more harmonious.

Economic Benefits: The Korean Festival can have a positive impact on the local economy. Participants and tourists attending the festival may visit local shops and restaurants, contributing to the stimulation of the local economy.

For these reasons, the Korean Festival has become one of the most popular cultural events in the United States.

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