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About Kimchi

Do you know Kimchi? If you don't know Kimchi well, I'll introduce about Kimchi. Basically Kimchi is made of korean cabbage, red paper, garlic and other vegetables. But there are more than 160 Kimchi varieties differentiated by region and ingredients. Kimchi is an indispensable food for Koreans throughout the four season.Korean people eat Kimchi at every meal.In the past, people can’t have vegetables enough during winter so, Korean ancestors prepared a lot of Kimchi in fall for winter. So, they can ingest nourishments like vitamins in winter. I think they are very wise people. This custom called Kimjang still leave and a big annual event for house wife.Now, Kimch is popular not only Koreans but also many foreigners.Also there is the school subject Kimchi in University and Kimchi study is developed day by day. I hope to that you try eating Kimchi someday.

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